A Global Venture Capital built on a foundation of intellectual and financial capital with a goal of achieving successful long term growth.!

We have invested over EUR 14 billion in project financing and equity-related investments in global project funding within the EU and around the world. Bruss Investment Group has had the privilege of working with numerous national and international brokers, attorneys, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies as well as many large and small Project and business Owners. Our funding services enable companies and businesses manage risk and expand their access to foreign and domestic capital project funding. In FY17, we provided over EUR 11.1 billion in long-term project financing in 344 projects. In addition, we mobilized more than EUR 7.7 billion to support the private sector in developing countries including Africa.

Our ideal companies have a history of positive cash flows and are in situations in which capital can be used toward a variety of initiatives. Bruss Investment Group is a generalist firm that targets industries where we believe we can achieve above market returns given our experiences and the experiences of our operating partners.

Oil & Gas/Logistics


Construction/Real Estate

Get ready for your project to be funded

100% Project Funding program up to EUR 2 billion

Where are you on the track to funding? Investors look at a multitude of aspects of a business before considering investment. How does your business stack up on these criteria? We will be pleased to assist you no matter what your funding requirements are. If you have been turned down by banks or financial institutions, we can help! As project financiers, we pride ourselves in using creative ways to providing the funding you require.

we have the resources to fund projects globally through a strategic partnership with the EIB and other indigenous investors within the EU. The maximum lending provided by Bruss Investment is EUR 2 billion. We have the capability of providing funds up to EUR 2 billion through our syndicate partners and support from the European Investment Bank (EIB). Bruss Investment Group is able to offer low interest rates, and if necessary a grace free period of repayment until a project or business has gained adequate cash flow. This is achieved by using our unique 100% Project Funding program, which in some cases, consists of 60% private lending and 40% private equity in the project.