Submission Guidelines

Timing plays a very important role in today’s financial business. Therefore it is important to understand that we are looking for clients who are ready to proceed and meet their funding requirements as we have a turn around time of 30-90 days from commencement.

  • For Brokers & Consultants of Funding Applicants:

    If you are a Broker, Consultant or another entity working in commercial finance and/or insurance, we are currently seeking professional contacts around the world to work under our umbrella to place their clients business. Commissions will be respected, protected and paid in full at closing. We believe the best approach to any reward payment structure should be in the form of individual case by case commission, not a fixed one size fits all. Please write and explain which commercial industries you handle and the type of clients you service.

  • For Insurance & Financial Institutions:

    If you are an Insurance company or Financial Institution wishing to re-insure or spread part of your loan risk, we can help decrease your exposure. Please send us information about your current/future requirements.

  • For Individual Funding:

    Please send via e-mail attachment, supporting documents that will aid our understanding of your requirements and evaluate the best solution. We guarantee a response within 48 hours of receipt. At that time should we require further information, we would include the same in our response.

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